Beta release of IBConsole has a lot of changes to make it more user friendly for EUA (Embedded User Authentication). In the Left pane of the main form now you can expand a server node without login to the server and make a connection to a database.
To accomplish this the default behavior of quitte some actions had to change. This page contains an overview of the changes I made.

Register server
Now you can register a server without login to it. The Register Server dialog now has a checkbox "Register Only" to make this possible. Be aware that no checks can be performed to verify the information. For a remote server this also implies that it is not possible to detect with features the server support. I added an extra checkbox "Version -> 7.5" that is only visible when you check the "Register Only" checkbox. When this is checked IBConsole tries to treat the server as an IB7.5 (or higher) server. It can lead to unsuspected error messages if it isn't. On Linux the checkbox will also be visible for local servers as there is no way on Linux to detect the version of the server without making a connection to it.

Connect to a database
Prior to version you could connect to a database by simple double click the database node. The connection then was established by using the credentials of the server login.
Because the server login is no longer required this had to change. All related dialogs (Create database, Register Database and Database Connect) now have a checkbox to specify that the credentials should be remembered. When checking this checkbox the username and password (hashed) will be saved in the IBConsole settings and used the next time you double click the database node. You can still connect as another user by using the option "Connect As" in the right pane.

Using database utilities
The database utilities (Backup and Restore, Validation, Transaction recovery etc) still use a server connection. If you previous specified a username and password for the server login the connection to the server will be established automatic when needed. You will be prompted for these credentials when they are not know and required to perform the function you want to.
In some cases (i.e Viewing database properties) you will not be prompted, but not be enable to make certain changes.

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